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For several years he has been active in the technology sector and launches several digital projects. To date he is the founder and investor of several companies in countries such as the USA, UK, Italy and India.

At the end of 2015, he collected his experiences and launched Huulke, a real tool, to help entrepreneurs and Startuppers to make their digital ideas better.


I am a management engineer, specialized in management, always passionate about the technological innovation sector, first in the field of renewable energies and then in the startup and business sector.

What fascinated me about startups is that they are made of passion, challenges and hypotheses to be validated continuously. A process that improves together with the entrepreneurs who create it.

For this reason, our mission in Huulke is challenging and exciting, we put our skills at the service of our clients both the years dedicated to supporting our customers and our personal experiences, having personally founded startups.


Thanks to the skills acquired in these 12 years, I have implemented a method that allows me to help entrepreneurs to do marketing in the correct way, that is with MEASURABLE results thanks to an unlimited series of optimization tests. This is the only way to get results in marketing, whoever says otherwise is wrong.

My specialty is to carry out large projects, often parallel to the main activity of the entrepreneur, becoming a trusted shoulder to whom to delegate important and fundamental activities for the company.


Art Director and Product Designer of Huulke, expert in the field of User Experience, Mobile User Interface, web and new technologies.

Over the last few years I have specialized in the study of Information Architecture, Experience and Interaction Design, to try to bring the best interaction between users and graphic interfaces to our projects, combining clean design and intuitive navigation.


Any good idea must start from an in-depth study of the problems related to it, being able to intervene early allows you to have an advantage in its development and control of costs in order to achieve the required result.

My task in Huulke is precisely to define together with the startups, from the early stages, the technical realization of your ideas to achieve all the objectives set in the simplest possible way.


People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills. For the past several years I have worked in Software and Product developement, Project design and architect, lead qualification, Managing team, and customer service in the technology industry.

My experience includes for the development technologies PHP and its Frameworks, Nodejs and all type of its Framework, Blockchain, Etherium smart contract and all type of frontend framework of Javascript. I have a track record of maintaining a consistent project delievry and completing of projects on time. Which helps to our clients grow their bussiness in market.


Legal consultant specialized in the protection and growth of start-ups from the idea to the scale-up with a focus on privacy, commercial contracts and IT, intellectual property.


I am Tatiana Nugaev, I am responsible for the administrative part, to this end I interact with customers for bureaucratic and billing procedures.

What I love most is working in a team where each component plays its role with precision, placing a constant attitude towards quality and control of results for the best benefit of our customers.


IT Project Manager with strong foundations as Dev Team Leader and many years of experience as a developer in the iOS environment and web frontend.


ISTQB certified quality control engineer. I am a perfectionist in everything I do, the results I get today inspire me to work even harder tomorrow.

By focusing my best efforts on the goal, I can achieve it with precision and efficiency.

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